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I love IxD (Interactive Design) ..
I spent about 8 years serving that field ..
At first, my goal was encapsulated within Flash Platform. I was doing Web Design because it combines Art Design with Interactive Content, I used to love Art Illustration from the first place (Oil Painting and such) ..
Then I hit the development career by learning AS (ActionScript), I adore that scripting language, it has all the keys to the interactive world ..
At some point later I learned PHP and MySql in order to develop the required services for RIA (Rich Internet Applications) with Flash front-end, along with the use of Flex and AIR ..
Right now, I use HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 ..

From my point of view, I see that Design and Programming are not actually separated; they serve each other to deliver the best UX (User Experience), Finally I realized that there’s no way to dig deeper in my field with this knowledge only ..

It’s said that being an Interactive Developer means part designer, part programmer, and part audio/video editor with an active and growing interest in 3D technologies, and above all, the user oriented thinking .. It’s all about action and response ..
But .. reaching the mind and touching the eye by taking care of details leads to evolve the Design part, and I am not referring to the artistic aspect only, but also the Mental, Emotional and Physical aspects ..
Combining all above with IA (Information Architecture) we can form the very idea of being an Interactive Designer ..

It’s a very long way ahead, I discovered that my talent actually resides in Usability Engineering, where the uniqueness of all my work has been forged ..

I believe that visuals speaks my mind more accurately, here is a quick glimpse of my work ..

This blog represents my personal thoughts and some technical challenges passing by ..
I don’t think that I will ever stop, my battery still full ..

Ahmed Abbas

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